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tv   Headline News  RT  May 5, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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green day parade. the live coverage on r.t.e. . a declaration of downtown seaward officials have described the latest israeli air strike and military research center near damascus was pummeled with rockets early on sunday iran slammed israel for fueling instability and pledges support for the syrian regime while the u.k. call for an amended to the arms embargo on the opposition saying peace in the region is now under threat. this is r.t. coming to you live from moscow and this is our main story this hour the syrian deputy foreign minister says israel has effectively declared war he was speaking hours after israeli planes bombed targets in damascus the second ass trikes in as
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many days see where it says that time is an attempt to give direct military support to terrorist groups syrian state media says is really rockets targeted a military research center on the outskirts of the capital video critics and eyewitness accounts suggest the attacks. triggering large explosions seaward journalist abdullah a weenie the names. around two o'clock damascus time after midnight there was a big three explosion took place attacking research center and other military stations military units let's say this lead to. the quick. something like three to four. scale and big fire. launched. mountain this was seen everywhere in damascus all the houses in the mosques where shaikh everyone worked up. into the very very have been
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a big explosions in some immune. warehouses and the area and the destruction in addition to the reaction led by the. this explosion in some civilian houses up to now the syrian. t.v. declared from the first hour that this is the israeli airstrike. this is kind of held the syrian rebels against the government it's a kind of reaction to what the syrian government has been achieved there's been talk about an official statement to be issued later on we remember what it was an attack on the same research center which is called research center. and now with the damascus is very difficult we have we hear every time some extra bomb brings because of that is still some some bombs were not destroyed we have heard of the time the ambulance got everyone so it's possible nobody knows where when and where
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recent attacks by israel have signaled a sharp escalation of its involvement in syria's ongoing conflicts and she's middle east correspondent paula seeing is in tel aviv with the latest now from the israeli side. the syrian deputy foreign minister files that i would make doug has called this morning's attack on a syrian military research facility to quote him a dick liberation of a groove by israel not be a tech represented an alliance between islamic terrorists and israel he also says that syria will retaliate against israel in its own time and way now this is extremely important this is the first time we're hearing confirmation from the syrian government that this was an attack carried out by israel and that it is choosing to respond it has regional and international implications because syria of course is a close ally of iran and in all likelihood iran is now bound to also declare war on
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israel so we were watching this closely it remains to be seen but at the same time the israeli military is still refusing to confirm or deny reports that it is responsible for this morning's attack having said this though a senior israeli named source has said that israel is responsible and that the attack was carried out in the vicinity of damascus airport but this official continues to give comments anonymously because he cannot represent any kind of private intelligence or any kind of decisions that will make him made by the israeli government we do know that israel has put in place the iron dome defense missile systems near the cities of fact and haifa in the north of the country so that certainly is an indication that israel is preparing at least for something on the ground it's not preparing it's at least worried about any kind of the television at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting this morning and the prime minister netanyahu said nothing about the strikes but he did reiterate that he was committed to the security of israel over the past few days the israeli military
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called up several hundred thousand reservists for what it called a surprise military exercise on the israeli border with lebanon in recent days there have been signs of mounting tensions between israel and hizbollah which is a militant. group based in lebanon but allied with damascus now in a warning to israel earlier this week the hizbollah leader hassan nasrallah did say that his militia was ready to quote him he said if he has and they have a hand on the trigger in the event of an israeli attack israel has in the past repeatedly warned that it is prepared to resort to force to prevent any kind of syrian weapons making their way from syria into the hands of hezbollah and other groups that were also being told that this morning's attack was on a stockpile of long range missiles that is well believed ultimately would find their way into his hands back in january it will hit the same with
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a house that was the attack of this what that was the target of this morning's attack and if indeed it is confirmed that israel carried out the strike on sunday morning it would be the third time that israel has hit in syria since january this year. iran has strongly condemned the israeli attack on syria and urged other countries in the region to take a stand and iranian foreign ministry spokesman labeled the ass try and aggression saying that israel is advancing its own interests by trying to great instability in the region with an unprovoked attack and the command of the country's ground forces won't iran is ready to provide logistic support and military training should syria need to defend itself against israel. and my colleague received shea spoke to me or in a correspondent for israel's ha'aretz newspaper and he believes the ass strike is justified as a preemptive that's not to ensure security this is part of the israeli policy which
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you can describe as pownce but do not announce don't let the syrian regime transfer surface to surface missiles and surface to be so stupid smaller but don't brag about it so while the reason no official confirmation you can take you almost as face value when you hear the us side confirm it officially what about the legality of israel bombing syria like this without even a un mandate i mean how do you expect the international community to react to this well be israeli and syrian governments have been paying a fragile cease fire for the last forty years however next door in lebanon the lebanese government does not control because of all of and because well i want to take these arms from syria and position them with eleven and while you may say that flying over
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a little news space is not exactly according to international law and this is nit picking and while there are many reasons on other aspects to be critical of israeli policy it does seem that this time around if he's white balance he's only trying to prevent and preempt further conflict so i'm sure you talk about the israeli airstrike being balanced we've got unconfirmed reports now of at least four hundred people killed massive explosions you call this a balanced reaction to unconfirmed reports that the syrian officials are moving surface to air missiles to hezbollah which they are denying at the time you call it balanced ok let me clarify first of all the reason of course and regrettably so a massacre going. on in syria. has gone on for the last two years with many thousands of people being killed are those perhaps in the hundreds of thousands being uprooted and now being reduced across the border and what israel is trying to
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prevent is another lebanon war this is perhaps a minor price to pay. in order not to pay the bigger price of the killing and we have a which will be read by another lebanon war a senior u.s. official confirms that israeli jets carried out the bombings washington has been considering arming the syrian rebels and the british foreign secretary joined those calls by saying anonymous embargo should be lifted as the conflict appears to be spreading so while there are renewed calls for more support for the syrian rebels that by israel received no condemnation from the west despite violating international law article two of the united nations charter perhaps the use of force against the territorial integrity of any state by all of its members then going syrian conflict should take could take yet another turn after hezbollah
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warned their militia is ready to take president assad's side in the ongoing conflict aussie's marina portnoy has all the details. u.s. president barack obama wouldn't specifically comment on the reported israeli airstrikes into damascus instead saying that israel is justified in protecting itself from dance to weapon shipments to the lebanon based group hezbollah most recently we did hear comments coming from the u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel saying that now the white house is considering to arm the opposition in syria with weapons this is a stance and a position that washington was reluctant to take instead saying that it would give financial support that would go to other logistics but not weapons other communication equipment other ways in which the opposition and the rebels could fight against the syrian government but now we see that the position at least
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coming from some members of the white house the position of the u.s. administration is changing but you know you're hearing a variety of different comments one comment one position coming from the secretary of defense and then with when the u.s. president speaks he's a little bit more cautious with his words but over the past few weeks we are hearing this is drumming of rhetoric coming from u.s. officials that are is beating what some would call a drum of potential military intervention. and let's now have a look at what's our viewers have to say about the recent as trying to fight israel on syria and you can always log on to our website www dot com to cost you on just share your views that and let's not have a look at our chant so far over forty percent forty one percent it says of you believe that israel is carrying out western plans to help the sea when it rebels just thirty two percent of you. less of you saying there is an unprecedented and declared war being fought there twenty percent feel that
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a message to the was that israel is ready to strike iran suit and a minority view just seven percent of you think that the actions are self-defense against hezbollah by israel of course. is a buried based journalist and middle east expert and he believes that israel is trying to drive the u.s. military into the regional conflict has there been any escalation against israel for israel to react has there been any military action has. been attacked by any of side whether it be hostile or whether it be syria whether it be housed israel in the been attacked by any side whatsoever israel has not been attacked so we hear this talk about you know game changing weapons but all of this you know doesn't doesn't give you a ride to war doesn't give the justification. for such escalation i think you have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together remember that the all of the fuel
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rather you have a chemical weapons are who was the one which made this first announcement it was bruno the military intelligence israeli official made the announcement about syria using chemical weapons from a very beginning after president obama had served time and again we don't use the red line the succeed thus far in driving to be your worst to war against syria so no i think that we had two incidents there with a reporter but israeli straw. on a convoy and now we have been did an israeli strike on them but i think we have a classical example of what we would call israel trying to manipulate us policy in the middle east israel is going to continue i think with these practices until it drags the us into conflict why the reason being that the syrian army has made military advancements very recently it seems that militarily has gotten
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the upper hand and so here's where i realize that our side wants to go in and listen there's outside intervention outside intervention as i said trying to drag the us by saying if you don't go in then we will we are recovered we should go ahead with our own military escalation. and let's go live now to brahimi who's a syringe journalist at the scene of the as strike in damascus so nor reaction mr allen abraham where welcome to the program so the syrian government labeled the israeli raids a declaration a war could we see see we're engaged in another military conflict given what's already happening on the home front. well it's a very complicated situation and many factors and elements should be taken into consideration first of all let's take a look at the front line between syria and as rather than the in the golan that area have witnessed before a very active movement by the rebels in that area and many people say that they
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couldn't have done that without israel at least turning a blind eye if not actually providing some kind of just so worked for them so this is a factor that bishop should be taken into consideration and will there be a confrontation on the borders given that on the front line excuse me given the for the situation of the frontline right now the other element that should be taken into consideration is what you mentioned is the syrian government is syria as a country ready to plunge into another war while it's fighting a very fierce and very fierce and intense war inside its borders and the third element that should be taken into consideration how far is israel willing to go with this and how far will to his allies and israel are as are willing to go with this it's obvious now that syria the decision to go into war or to make peace is now very much related to what syria's allies have to say whether it is russia or others iran or the resistance movements in the region so many factors should be
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taken into consideration in this very difficult at this time to predict where things are going ashore british foreign secretary william hague box calls to leave the arms embargo and see when rebels wouldn't that make it more difficult for israel to deal with the flow weapons across the region. well i don't think israel has a problem with the flow of weapons across the region we all know that the issue of arming the rebels is nothing but a propaganda or a plus a discount you know in the sense they're giving the rebels enough weapons to sustain them in a war against the government but never giving them and the a technology technology clee advanced weapons that would enable them to achieve a decisive victory in the battle against the government forces so it's all a game of first string pulling between different players on the syrian arena but the fact remains as i'm telling you i don't think israel has a problem with the flow of arms even the british foreign secretary william hague
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when he says he would like to do something about the workmen's in bargo or him and he even he speaks about chemical weapons saying they don't want them to fall in the wrong house does this mean that they are in the right hands and the perception of president of course when they are in the position of the syrian government it's all complicated when you look at it from this point of view but the fact remains as i was telling you israel has no problem with the flow of these are these arms won't have any decisive influence on and on any future battle between any and the syrian government and its world rights i see iran has no i'm vireo sorry charles i was i was just referring when we speaking of occupants i was referring to weapons that was flowing to the rebels from countries abroad of course israel would be war worried about the floor farms that would be going from countries. advanced weapons like aerial defense system that would maybe come from russia or long range
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or medium range missiles coming from iran these are the weapons that israel would be worried about but i don't think they would be worried about the workers that are flowing into the hands of the rebels after all many people here in damascus think that the israeli air raid one way or another is of provided some kind of assistance to the rebels or at least a moral victory for them all right syrian journalist. abrahim talking to us from the scene of the ass trike in damascus thank you very much indeed thank you thank you so the basis for now breaking news story and a syrian official has called as tribes on the country's military research facility a declaration a war by israel this statement came hours after warplanes hit hard targets on the outskirts of the syrian capital so far there's been no official confirmation from israel that it will stop blaming video footage showed huge explosions at the site of this as strike which is said to have targeted a military research facility syria says these radio aggression killed and wounded
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several people and caused widespread destruction damascus also claims is rated a tux and to give direct military support to terrorist groups syria's deputy foreign minister says damascus whole choose a time way to retaliate to small updates on this developing story on our. website and in our news bulletins as well and stay with us as we have more for you after this short break. welcome to teal one here you can feel it. there are three choices in life first is to work in a macmiller or to live on a miserable way like a slave. the second is to jump the wall and catch the
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american dream. most of them are and lose their. illusion is does it come on number of an organisation and get inside the grog trade . it was something i will never forget. the. time i paid for what i've done i would never stop. i. welcome back. some breaking news this hour a court in bahrain has sentenced thirty one per se to fifteen years in prison each they're all aged between sixteen and thirty four and have been found guilty of
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carrying out five bomb attacks during antigovernment protests and engulfed the kingdom last year so the charges also included attempted murder for pelting riot police cars with homemade explosives the kingdom has seen many violent crackdowns against political activists and the royal family has been criticized for brutally suppressing the rallies more details on this as soon as we get them. this week workers around the globe joined a day of protest against unemployment poor salaries and violations of their rights and number of may day rallies in particular made headlines in turkey there was violence with police resorting to tear gas and water cannons against angry crowds at least twenty eight were injured and dozens are arrested and these are pictures from barcelona now where the rally was also maad by clashes with police thousands took to the streets in spain protesting austerity and unemployment which is at
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record highs may day protests as much. as well as part of a twenty four hour walkout following the recent of fifteen thousand public sector jobs and it comes as the e.u. faces the prospect of another year or recession and job losses according to latest forecasts these are the three countries with the highest unemployment rates in the eurozone and greece over twenty seven percent of the workforce is out of a job while in spain one in every four is unemployed portugal's rate is not far behind on a seventeen point five percent and he is also his tests our senior has been finding out how people across europe are dealing with skyrocketing unemployment and found out that leaving their country is a popular choice. the unemployment rate in the years old has recently reached a record twelve percent of those age twenty five and below in countries like spain and greece that number is as high as more than fifty percent with very little size
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of any economic improvement and for those who are looking for a job that search is no longer just about twenty five work many are now trying to leave their home countries. like nicole wriggles a biology graduate from italy now working in a show glitzy in brussels. regime in italy was actually. because the only thing i was able to get is a really short contract like fremont. six months with absolutely no possibility of growing out in an industry or in the laboratory anything most of most of them were totally unpaid and you can't really think of your future he says it wasn't a walk in the park in beijing either as many companies require a working knowledge of both french and dutch a barrier that may be hard to overcome but perhaps still more attractive for some of the going back home i read that in two thousand and twelve.
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the person the person that of young people who emigrated from italy and grew up by thirty forty percent in two thousand and twelve i really don't know what will be into towns in africa and it's not just easing citizens feeling the pinch foreigners would come to europe to seek new opportunities started they will businesses building their lives to now will also change their minds freds iana this meant leaving greece and david all the way back to their native ecuador and while homesickness was the initial reason for the move she has no regrets about making that decision the sixth time had also helped him and many foreigners decided to leave greece and move to countries like germany and switzerland but the greeks who stayed behind are saying that the situation is really difficult there when for instance service men he used to get one and a half thousand euros are now paid just nine hundred i met him out place has been
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open for two years and even though still new i believe we have very good prospects for the future and in this case something she says just isn't possible in europe right now to trend if you look at the figures in countries like ardent some people argue that a whole generation has left and perhaps for good things are not related to i don't think so i rather stay here for one time just. silver altie brussels. with some other news making the headlines this hour the police and hard line islamic clash in bangladesh after protesters blocking roads and cut all because it all darker thousands of security forces fired rubber bullets and tear gas and us traitors as they called for strict anti blasphemy laws they also demanded death for atheism bloggers because the outcry earlier this year. thirty nine people have been killed and at least thirty seriously injured when
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a funeral procession degenerated into sectarian violence in nigeria christians and muslims armed with guns and machetes clashed after alleged provocations following christian chanting during the burial of a local chief scores of houses were burned to the ground and the town has been put on a round the clock curfew since march the terror and violence has already claimed the lives of one hundred people in the country. next we head to mexico i reporter welcome to ana is coming up with the very. famous american political figure ron paul has decided to create his own liberty
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oriented homeschooling curriculum at ron paul curriculum to give parents not turn it into standard public education you know when i was a kid homeschooling was only for like the kids of wacko's and cultus if you met someone who was homeschooled you always look at them with some sort of suspicion like what's with that kid with what's with his parents i mean who would home school their kids well let's look at it this way who would grow their own food when american supermarkets are stocked with pure healthy and natural food the problem is that food in stores is now loaded up with all sorts of mystery chemicals and g m o's and it makes perfect sense that nowadays people are intro starting to grow their own food and this logic applies to education too when public education becomes so dismal it is perfectly logical and reasonable to try to educate your kids yourself the no child left behind program did a fine job of making the american education system lower the bar down to the very basement of the lowest common denominator i mean if you think there should be more in a high school graduates had besides reading writing and arithmetic that homeschooling
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might be for you as art sports and music and science programs all across the nation to the lack of funding is wrong post libertarian curriculum what's best for your kids hey i can't say but it's definitely worth taking a look at other alternatives given the d. minus quality of public education nowadays but that's just my opinion. yeah welcome to. the air you can feel it.
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